Investment Information

The Finance Committee of the Board of Directors of the M&M Area Community Foundation oversees and guides all financial matters including the management of invested assets. This committee meets monthly to oversee the financial matters of the Foundation including: investments, operating budget, annual audit and tax preparation. The operating budget is reviewed at each monthly meeting, the investment results are reviewed quarterly. Semiannually, a review is held with the investment managers (Nicolet National Bank & Trust and Stephenson National Bank & Trust) to review performance, allocation strategies and overall market expectations.

The Finance Committee is also responsible to develop and implement strategies to meet the long term asset needs of the Foundation’s mission of being an endowed grant-maker. To this end our Investment Policy is reviewed at least annually. A copy of our Investment Policy can be requested by contacting the MMACF office.

Annual audits and tax forms are prepared by Kerber, Rose & Associates, S.C., Certified Public Accountants. Complete audited financial statements and copies of our 990’s are available upon request by contacting the Foundation office.