Mission - Vision - Core Values

Our Mission
Inspiring people to provide lasting legacies that enrich our communities.

Our Vision
To provide bridges for people to achieve their dreams for their communities.

Our Core Values
Building Community Leadership: We are a leader in promoting philanthropy to strengthen our communities through grants and scholarships. We work in collaboration with individuals and other organizations to mobilize resources to meet their goals and objectives.

Respect for our Donors: We respect our donors' desire for privacy or publicity of their gifts and maintain a donor Bill of Rights. We seek their views on the needs of our communities and provide them with flexible gifting and granting opportunities.

Integrity: We are honest in our dealings with our donors and grant applicants, ensuring that we deliver on our promises to them. Our word is our bond.

Diversity: We represent the diverse interests of the communities we serve including social, professional, cultural, gender and geographic.

Guiding Stewardship: We manage financial resources entrusted to us effectively and efficiently, matching the donors' objectives with the appropriate investment strategy.

Excellence and Innovation: We find ways to make peoples’ dreams come true. We promote continuous improvement, creativity and leadership to serve our donors and community.